About Us

Rey Romero, Owner

I take pride in always bringing energy and excitement where ever I go. In January of 2019, I had a big event for my daughter, a quinceaƱera. During the year before the event I was able to experience first hand all of the pieces that need to come together to have a memorable and amazing event. I loved this process so much I even found myself working for the venue part time!

AZ Glassmen, the bartenders

When we are not bartending you might call us: salesmen, insurance agent, realtor. However, as soon as it’s time to party, we bring it! Our favorite part of what we do is we get to be real with your guests as they enjoy their time with you. We understand all the hard work and planning it took to put on your event and can’t wait to finally let loose and let us work for you!
We choose to be at your event because honestly, we enjoy putting on smile on your face, and hearing about how much fun it is to work with us. We hope you choose Az Glassmen for your next event and would be honored to share in the memories with you !!!